May 20, 2024


Digital Car Design

Video from IDCreatures – Shading exercise on Sketchbook pro, good for learning basic shading techniques.

Video from FCD94 – Photoshop cs6 car rendering timelapse. Good for learning basic cs6 rendering techniques.

Video from Damiano Scanu – Car sketch render on sketchbook pro. Learn realistic rendering techniques.

Video from Lorenzo Grosso – Car side view rendering, good for basic rendering techniques.

Video from Bart de Graff, student car designer. – Advanced rendering timelapse on photoshop cs6. Tons of layers used!

Video from Sketch_It – Car rendering technique on photoshop.

Tutorials & Resources

Best websites for car design resources:


For latest concept cars and spy shots

Car design news:

The main hub for amateur and professional car designers alike

Car body design: 

All the latest car design related things from renderings to new concept cars

Traditional Car Design

Real time sketches – Channel that occasionally uploads videos of high-quality sketch timelapses. Maybe learn a thing or two.

Video from Giuseppe Starace – Copic marker rendering of an Alfa Romeo concept sketch, touched up digitally on photoshop.

Video from Scott Robertson – Professional industrial designer and teacher. Copic marker render of a sci-fi vehicle.

Car design tutorials:

Rendering tutorial:

Design philosophy:

Basics car sketching and rendering: