June 18, 2024

Car insurances rates seem to be rising all the time, but there are some reliable ways to keep the cost to a minimum. These include –

Limit cover options

Perhaps the most obvious way to reduce the cost of car insurance is by getting a basic, third party only policy. Third party insurance will allow you to drive your vehicle legally while also keeping costs to a minimum, since it only providers protection for other road users.

If you want a bit more protection for your own vehicle, but still want to keep things affordable, then a third party, fire and theft policy is a good choice.

Make your car as secure as possible

Any steps you can take to make your car more secure will help to reduce the cost of your insurance. Most modern cars have an alarm and immobiliser as standard, but it’s also a good idea to invest in devices like a dash-cam and GPS tracker to make your car even more secure.

Measures like installing CCTV and security lights on your driveway can help you to save money with some insurance providers too.

Get cover from a specialist provider

If there’s a particular type of cover you’re looking for, then going to a specialist provider can certainly save you money. For example, if you have a high end sports car, then there are insurance providers who specialise in this type of insurance.

The same thing also applies if you have any driving convictions. There are specialist providers of convicted drivers insurance who can offer you a policy that’s fair based on your type of conviction, such as SP50 car insurance cover.

Increase excess

Increasing the excess on your policy i.e. what you’d pay towards a claim, is a reliable, if somewhat risky way to reduce the cost of car insurance. If you don’t think you’re likely to make a claim, then it can be a very good way to keep costs down, but just remember that you would have to pay more when making a claim if you choose to do this.

Get a lot of quotes

Lastly, is to get quotes from a lot of different insurance providers. Getting quotes is very easy to do now, with many insurance comparison sites out there that enable you to get quotes from different providers in a matter of minutes. Doing this makes it easy to compare them and choose the one that’s the best value for money.