June 18, 2024

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Fleet insurance is a type of cover where you can cover multiple types of vehicles under the same policy. This is very beneficial for many types of business, such as taxi firms and courier firms who often have different types of vehicles of varying values that need to be insured together.

However fleet insurance isn’t just for businesses, as you’ll find out below…

Who fleet insurance is for

  • Families – If you or your family has multiple vehicles that you want to get insured together then you can get a family fleet insurance policy. You can insure almost any type of vehicle and it doesn’t matter if their values vary a lot.
  • Businesses – Fleet insurance is extremely useful for businesses that have a lot of different vehicles that need to be insured. A company fleet insurance policy will enable you to get your vehicles covered under the same policy, potentially saving you a lot of time and money.

The benefits of fleet insurance

There are some key benefits to getting fleet insurance over individual quotes. The main ones are –

  • You can save a lot of money – One of the major benefits of getting a fleet insurance policy is that it often ends up being considerably cheaper when compared to getting separate quotes for the vehicles you have. With the ever-rising cost of motor insurance, it’s always useful to take any steps you can to cut down the costs.
  • Makes things easier to manage – If you have many vehicles that you want to insure then it’s much easier to manage things when you know they’re all on the same policy. You can keep track of the cost of your insurance easier as well as making it easier to make claims. This is especially useful for businesses that might have dozens or even hundreds of vehicles in their fleet.
  • Insure different types of vehicles – Another big benefit of fleet insurance is that it enables you to insurance different types of vehicles together. For example if you run a taxi firm and have a mix of cars, minibuses and MPVs that you want to insure together then this is not a problem with fleet insurance.

Where to get fleet insurance quotes

There are many excellent websites where you can get fleet insurance quotes easily online. Sites such as Clean Green Cars make the process of getting fleet insurance quotes very quick and simple – you just have to fill out one form and can get quotes from multiple providers.