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Best Ways To Reduce the Cost of Car Insurance

Car insurances rates seem to be rising all the time, but there are some reliable ways to keep the cost to a minimum. These include –

Limit cover options

Perhaps the most obvious way to reduce the cost of car insurance is by getting a basic, third party only policy. Third party insurance will allow you to drive your vehicle legally while also keeping costs to a minimum, since it only providers protection for other road users.

If you want a bit more protection for your own vehicle, but still want to keep things affordable, then a third party, fire and theft policy is a good choice.

Make your car as secure as possible

Any steps you can take to make your car more secure will help to reduce the cost of your insurance. Most modern cars have an alarm and immobiliser as standard, but it’s also a good idea to invest in devices like a dash-cam and GPS tracker to make your car even more secure.

Measures like installing CCTV and security lights on your driveway can help you to save money with some insurance providers too.

Get cover from a specialist provider

If there’s a particular type of cover you’re looking for, then going to a specialist provider can certainly save you money. For example, if you have a high end sports car, then there are insurance providers who specialise in this type of insurance.

The same thing also applies if you have any driving convictions. There are specialist providers of convicted drivers insurance who can offer you a policy that’s fair based on your type of conviction, such as SP50 car insurance cover.

Increase excess

Increasing the excess on your policy i.e. what you’d pay towards a claim, is a reliable, if somewhat risky way to reduce the cost of car insurance. If you don’t think you’re likely to make a claim, then it can be a very good way to keep costs down, but just remember that you would have to pay more when making a claim if you choose to do this.

Get a lot of quotes

Lastly, is to get quotes from a lot of different insurance providers. Getting quotes is very easy to do now, with many insurance comparison sites out there that enable you to get quotes from different providers in a matter of minutes. Doing this makes it easy to compare them and choose the one that’s the best value for money.

Lowering the Cost of Taxi Insurance

If you work as a taxi driver or run your own taxi firm, then you’ll want to take any steps possible to lower the cost of insurance. Vehicle insurance in general has risen rapidly over the last couple of decades due to the increased number of vehicles on the roads as well as crash for cash scams.

Although taxi insurance can be fairly expensive, there are some very reliable ways to reduce the cost of your premium. These include –

Get quotes from specialist providers

When looking to lower the cost of your taxi insurance policy, it’s an absolute must to get several quotes from different providers. This is the only way you can be sure that you’re getting a good deal and don’t overpay for your cover.

Sites such as Clean Green Compare Taxi Insurance make getting taxi insurance quotes a breeze.

Be selective with the drivers you hire

The best type of drivers to keep your insurance costs down should –

  • Be over the age of 25 – Drivers over the age of 25 cost significantly less to insure than younger drivers due to them having more driving experience and being much less likely to be involved in an accident statistically.
  • Have a good amount of driving experience – A good amount of driving experience is always a plus when trying to keep insurance costs down, particularly experience working as a taxi driver for another company.
  • Have no criminal or driving convictions – People with convictions are considered higher risk by insurance providers and therefore if you hire drivers with convictions on their record, you can expect to pay more.

Increase your excess

Your excess is the amount you would pay if you had to make a claim. If you want to cut down the cost of your premium then you can do this by increasing your excess. You only really see the benefit if you don’t have to make a claim without the length of the policy.

Pay for the policy upfront

If you can afford to pay for your policy upfront rather than monthly via direct debit then you should definitely be offered a significant discount by your insurance provider. Always push to get the best discount you can.

A Guide to Fleet Insurance

Fleet insurance is a type of cover where you can cover multiple types of vehicles under the same policy. This is very beneficial for many types of business, such as taxi firms and courier firms who often have different types of vehicles of varying values that need to be insured together.

However fleet insurance isn’t just for businesses, as you’ll find out below…

Who fleet insurance is for

  • Families – If you or your family has multiple vehicles that you want to get insured together then you can get a family fleet insurance policy. You can insure almost any type of vehicle and it doesn’t matter if their values vary a lot.
  • Businesses – Fleet insurance is extremely useful for businesses that have a lot of different vehicles that need to be insured. A company fleet insurance policy will enable you to get your vehicles covered under the same policy, potentially saving you a lot of time and money.

The benefits of fleet insurance

There are some key benefits to getting fleet insurance over individual quotes. The main ones are –

  • You can save a lot of money – One of the major benefits of getting a fleet insurance policy is that it often ends up being considerably cheaper when compared to getting separate quotes for the vehicles you have. With the ever-rising cost of motor insurance, it’s always useful to take any steps you can to cut down the costs.
  • Makes things easier to manage – If you have many vehicles that you want to insure then it’s much easier to manage things when you know they’re all on the same policy. You can keep track of the cost of your insurance easier as well as making it easier to make claims. This is especially useful for businesses that might have dozens or even hundreds of vehicles in their fleet.
  • Insure different types of vehicles – Another big benefit of fleet insurance is that it enables you to insurance different types of vehicles together. For example if you run a taxi firm and have a mix of cars, minibuses and MPVs that you want to insure together then this is not a problem with fleet insurance.

Where to get fleet insurance quotes

There are many excellent websites where you can get fleet insurance quotes easily online. Sites such as Clean Green Cars make the process of getting fleet insurance quotes very quick and simple – you just have to fill out one form and can get quotes from multiple providers.

Making a Living With Your Vehicle

If you enjoy driving then you might have considered a career that enables you to be on the road the majority of the time.

There are some great things about driving for a living – you don’t have a boss breathing down your neck, you’re not stuck behind a desk all day and in most driving jobs, you’re meeting new people all the time.

There are quite a few career options open to you when you have your own vehicle. The number of options you have will depend on the type of vehicle you own. Below are some of the most obvious ones.

Career options

  • Taxi driver – Becoming a taxi driver is a very viable career option for car owners, especially those who are over the age of 25 and have plenty of driving experience. In order to work as a taxi driver, you will need to obtain a taxi drivers licence with your local council. The requirements for obtaining a licence vary depending on where you live. There are some areas of the country where a taxi drivers licence is notoriously difficult to obtain. For example, in London you must demonstrate an intricate knowledge of the roads and landmarks across the city before you’re able to work as a black cab driver. This test is known as ‘The Knowledge’.
  • Courier – Being a courier driver is another career path that’s available for owner drivers. You can either apply to work for one of the main courier companies like Parcelforce or DHL; or you can set up as a freelancer. It’s harder to get going initially as a freelancer but it does give you more freedom and control. If you’re thinking of becoming a courier then you’ll need to get special courier insurance for you vehicle. You can get courier insurance quotes from a number of providers very easily here –
  • Van driver – If you own your own van then you have the option to work as a van driver. There are quite a few options for van drivers to earn a living. You can work for a company that needs a delivery driver, you can work as a freelance courier or you can work in removals.

The Advantages of Owning a Minibus

Most people who are looking to purchase a new vehicle will stick to regular cars but there’s plenty to be said for getting a larger vehicle, such as a minibus.

Below are some of the biggest advantages of owning a minibus.

1. More room

One of the most obvious benefits of a minibus is that it gives you more room. If you have a large family or are involved in the community in some way, then having a minibus is extremely useful since it enables you to transport more passengers.

2. Opens job opportunities

Another great advantage of owning a minibus is that it opens job opportunities. For example if you’ve ever thought of becoming a taxi driver then you’ll be much more likely to be hired by taxi firms who are looking for minibus owner drivers.

3. Insurance is easy to obtain

Insurance comparison sites such as Insure Minibus are excellent for obtaining minibus insurance quotes in a quick and easy manner. Getting multiple quotes is always recommended since it will enable you to easily compare them and pick the best policy.

If you drive your minibus for charitable purposes then you can also benefit from discounted insurance providing you’re able to supply the correct documentation.

Where to buy a minibus

One of the first decisions you have to make when buying a minibus is whether you’re going to buy new or used. There are many pros and cons of buying used and new and often it will come down to the budget you have available.

The big advantage of buying a brand new minibus is that you’ll have a guarantee and your vehicle is a lot less likely to suffer from problems.

If you do decide to buy used then where you buy from is extremely important. Buying from a private seller means you’ll be able to get the best deal but it also comes with some potential pitfalls. For example there are usually no comebacks when you buy private so you need to be very confident that there are no major problems with the vehicle.

Alternatively you can be used from a garage or showroom, which is usually the much safer option for first-time buyers. You will usually get a guarantee and have some protection should anything go wrong with the vehicle.



Keeping a Fleet of Cars Safe

If you’re something of a collector and you have more than one car then you’ll want to make sure that they’re as safe as possible.

For most collectors, their cars are their pride and joy and they will go to great lengths to keep the safe.

Minimising the risk of theft and vandalism

When thinking about how to keep your fleet safe you want to take any steps you can to minimise the risk of theft and vandalism. The best way to do this is by storing your vehicles safely in a locked garage. The chance of your vehicles being broken into or vandalised increases greatly if they’re parked on the street or even on a driveway.

Another step you can take to make the vehicles in your fleet more secure is to ensure that whenever you use one of them, you always park securely and don’t leave anything of value on display. One of the most common reasons vehicles are broken into is because opportunist thieves notice a bag, wallet, phone or other potentially valuable item on full display.

Car keys are sometimes stolen from inside houses, especially when they’re left on display near a door.  You should therefore never leave your car keys on display in your house. You can get blinds fitted to any windows or bifold doors to reduce visibility from outside. These days, there a big selection of bifold door blinds to choose from, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding some that are perfect for your home.

Getting the right cover


One of the most important things to take care of when you have multiple cars is to get the right cover for them. Even if you only have a small fleet of say 3 or 4 cars, you still qualify for fleet insurance. Fleet insurance will enable you to insure all your cars together rather than on separate policies. Not only is fleet insurance much more convenient than getting separate policies for each of your vehicles but usually works out a lot cheaper too.

Below are some of the common options you can have included as part of a fleet insurance policy –

  • Road risks – The basis of any fleet insurance policy is cover for road risks. You can pick from the usual options i.e third party only, third party fire & theft; and fully comprehensive.
  • Liability claims – You can also have cover for liability claims included in your policy. Many private owners don’t feel that public liability insurance is necessary but if you’re driving a very expensive car and were to kill or injure a pedestrian then you could easily find yourself on the end of a liability claim.
  • Agreed valuation policies – If your vehicles are valuable then an agree valuation policy is a very good idea. It will ensure that if one of them is written off and needs to be replaced, you’ll get the full value of the vehicle and not its ‘market price’.